EVENTS: 7pm-12am AdultWeedkend: #InkNDabz 10/07/17

Attention all patients the date has been carefully selected for this fine event !! Coming Saturday OCTOBER 15, 2016 from 2-9pm the first ever “INKnDABZ” live tattooing …raffles ..giveaways ..awesome vendors and much more to be announced after all I am crazy San Diego !! @adultweedkend @teamiries @nuglifeenespanol @donpanchosmmc @irieserge357k @ganjaglamm @babyyyowl @babycerda @socalderekray @bengarciareyes…

“Elfin Forest” Haunted or ….?

The Elfin Forest, which neighbors Questhaven and Harmony Grove, is not only great for hiking but also for delving deeper into the mysteries that surround this area. Like its popular neighboring communities, the Elfin Forest is rumored to be extremely haunted with hundreds if not thousands of stories and sightings to back up this claim….

Logan Heights

The Journal of San Diego History SAN DIEGO HISTORICAL SOCIETY QUARTERLY Winter 1983, Volume 29, Number 1 Thomas L. Scharf, Managing Editor   LOGAN HEIGHTS Growth and Change in the Old “East End” By FRANK NORRIS Congress of History Community, History Award Winner San Diego History Center 1982 Institute of History Images from the Article…


Writing or drawings described as a scribble or scratch often painted illegitimately on a wall or public surface. Examples of graffiti can often be a single written word or amazing wall murals. Graffiti, plural for Italian word graffito which means to incise or inscription on a surface derived from the word graffiare meaning to scratch…

Poetry : “literary work… “

1.literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm; poems collectively or as a genre of literature: Crazed Institution “The way he holds me when im hurting- I cant imagine him deserting.. The intensity of the love, the passion of emotions…

The Lemon Grove Incident

“…No Southwestern state upheld legally the segregation of Mexican American children, yet the practice was widespread. Separate schools were built and maintained, in theory, simply because of residential segregation or to benefit the Mexican child. He had a “language handicap” and needed to be “Americanized” before mixing with Anglo children. His presence in an integrated…

Our local mountains

Our local San Diegan mountains are to die for.. why head up north when you could head east on the 8 freeway.. check out little towns like Julian which is the only Southern California town that experiences all four seasons.. Sunrise highway has spectacular views; its a perfect place to pull off the road at…

ocean beach

Why spend a load of cash when you could hop in the car head west on the 8 freeway and head on over to Ocean Beach California.. Home of the beautiful Sunset Cliffs and the gorgeous OB pier ..Take a stroll down Newport Ave and check out all the lovely shops bars and eateries..  

Beautiful “Golden Hills”

From Indian Hill to Golden Hill Before Anglo real estate developers set their sights on it, Indian Hill, as it was called in the early 1870s, was home to local Native Americans who lived in the then largely open land that is now known as Golden Hill.  The area’s journey to becoming Golden Hill involved…

Pacific Beach

“Land of the Bros; however if you are in need of a buzz, a new glass piece, or a nifty sex toy just take a drive down Garnet Ave.”-

El Cajon Blvd.

No longer just for hookers to stand on.. check out the numerous trendy coffee shops, bars and  restaurants

Midway Dr.

“Where you could find crazy deals for auto repairs, and while you wait visit one of the neighboring strip clubs… kill two birds with one stone”…-  

A few crazy things in San Diego..

“Surf and snowboard in the same winter day” –  “Lets go count the graves marked by coins in Old Town!”- “Weekday reggae shows”- “Flipflops year round”- “We could throw a rock into Mexico”- “Taco shops on every corner”-    

Exploring your city

Staycation? Why not? San Diego is known to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Explore your city find the hidden gems. Take for example, just a few miles east in our local deserts of Borrego Springs you will find a little gem called ” Casa De Zorro ” Landscaped with beautiful…

San Diego Cannabis Community

With more and more experiences I have had in the cannabis industry here in Crazy San Diego I’ve come to realize not all “stoners”  are calm and chill. No my friends, the San Diego Cannabis community is full of unnecessary drama and hate. Many may ask, why am I writing about this with such assurance and possibly  a hint of pride? Well its…